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Client Testimonials

“Attorney Julie is the best!!! Julie is simply a wonderful human being and a superb immigration lawyer. I am writing this review because she simply deserves it. She explained each and every part of the process so I understood everything and never felt alone during my immigration process. Always very attentive and very communicative. Thank you very much attorney Julie for all your effort and dedication.”

- Isai Eli R.

"At our initial consultation back in 2021, I meet with attorney Julie Moreno and she explained in detail eligibility and all the options we had to initiate the process for legal permanent residency in the United States. My husband and I felt extremely comfortable and decided to hire this firm.

Throughout the process I have felt guided and especially thankful that the attorney speaks Spanish fluently as my husband’s English is not 100 percent and that’s a plus for us. This firm has demonstrated great deal of knowledge in immigration law and I highly recommend them. You’ll be in safe hands."

- Ana L.

"Highly recommend this law firm. My lawyer, Julie Moreno, is great. She is helping me start my path to permanent residency. I have no doubt it will go through. She has exceeded my expectations and love that she is fluent in Spanish. There’s no Bs and she will tell you what it is and not make you go through a process that’s not necessary just for a fast cash money grab. From the beginning, she was very knowledgeable and friendly and that is why I chose her firm over others that I interviewed."

- Edgar L.

"Super happy that after 19 years I became a US citizen. Attorney Julie was very knowledgeable and I recommend the firm all the time."

- Hassina A.

"I couldn't have made a better choice. Thank you for exceptional service."

- Desreta J.

"Wow! Very good service, I recommend Moreno Law with anything that has to do with migration. The work and dedication he does is admirable. Thanks for everything!"

- Mynor C.
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